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In 2017, the annual output of lubricants in China is expected to increase slightly and to bring 8.9 million tons of lubricants. The apparent consumption would only be nearly 9.2 million tons due to the slowdown in the growth of the total car production and sales, falling of industrial lubricants demand and other reasons. Furthermore, demand of lubricants is expected to reach 12.75 million tons.  


The growing demand for automotive lubricants and the development of high-quality lubricants require higher quality of base oil will promote the demand for Group II, Group III base oil and PAOs. Lubricant suppliers are progressively completing replacing Group I with Group II. The base oil supply pattern will continue to undergo a revolutionary change. Lubricant industry has also entered a new age, the importance of brand competitiveness has become increasingly prominent. How companies in the fierce market competition establish a brand image, good channel construction based on the status quo of the industry? 

Considering of this background, we sincerely invite domestic and foreign enterprises to join us in the 11th China Lubricant Market Focus which would be held in Beijing on April 18-20, 2018. 

Focus on the new developments of market and make the best conference!