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Since 2008, China Lubricants Market Focus has accompanied the industrial peers for 11 years. Over the past years, we have witnessed the ups and downs of China's lubricants market. Thanks to customers' support from home and abroad, the number of our attendees has grown from 135 to 718 and the enterprise types have become more and more diversified. In the spring of 2019, let us gather together in Suzhou,China again to explore the opportunities in industry!

Past attendees

  • Amer lubricant Technology
  • Anqing Zhongtian Petrochemical
  • Anshan Haihua Oil Grease Chemical
  • AP Chemical
  • Beijing Longrunkaida Petrochemical C
  • BRB Singapore
  • CECEP Nanjing
  • Changzhou Refined Petrochemical
  • Chevron International
  • CNPC Manageers Training Institute, Oil Products Marketing Department
  • Cosmo Oil
  • Dalian Gelaide Petrochemical
  • Dynapack Asia
  • ENI Lubricants
  • ExxonMobil
  • Feoso Energy (Jiangsu)
  • Foshan AOSITE Petrochemical&Technology
  • Fuchs Lubricants
  • FUCHS Lubricants
  • Golden Drop
  • GS Caltex
  • Guangzhou Jisheng Lubritech
  • Hangzhou Haoshi Industrial Company Limited
  • Hangzhou Zhenghe Petrochemical Co.,Ltd
  • Hebei Chedi Petrochemical C
  • Hebei Feitian Petrochemical
  • Hebei Tuofu Lubricanting Oil Additive
  • HimBalt SIA
  • Huajun Energy&Logistics (Yingkou)
  • Hubei Borun Petrochemical&Technology Co. Ltd.
  • ICIS
  • Inner Mongolia global energy petrochemical
  • Jiangsu Fuman Petrochemical Co.,Ltd
  • Jiangsu Gaoke Petrochemical
  • JiangsuTom Packaging Machinery
  • Jiaxing Shuncheng Fine Chemical Engineering
  • Jinan Huachuang Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Jiyang Petrochemical Group
  • Jorun Lubritech(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd
  • JX Nippon
  • Kasong Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Lubrizol(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
  • Luoyang Qingjie Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
  • Mekong Petro
  • Ministry of Finance scientific research institute
  • Neste Oil
  • Nynas Petrochemical (Shanghai)
  • Nynas Petrochemical (Shanghai) Co,.Ltd
  • Oceanic Petroleum
  • Panjin Northern Asphalt Co. Ltd.
  • Pars Oil
  • PetroChina Planning & Engineering Institute
  • PT. Pertamina
  • Qingdao Delian Petrochemical Co.,Ltd
  • R.T Vanderbilt Holding (Tianjin)
  • Raloy Lubricants
  • RN-Lubricants
  • Rosneft
  • Runhua International Trading(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd
  • SARLBORO Petrochemical (Tianjin)
  • SBC(Tianjin) Chemical
  • Sepahan Oil
  • Shandong Hrnd Group
  • Shandong Hrnd Group
  • Shandong Huanqiu Lubricant Co.,Ltd
  • Shandong Kefa Petrochemical
  • Shandong Qingyuan Petrochemical
  • Shanghai Derunbao Special Lubricant Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Dulin International Trading
  • Shanghai Qicheng LLC.
  • Shanghai Sino Sky Petrochem
  • Shanxi Luan Coal-Based Clean Energy
  • Shanxi Xinhai Petrochemical C
  • Shell (China) Limited
  • Shell International
  • Shenyang Xima Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (MEI JIA RUN)
  • Shrieve Petrochemical (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
  • SINOPEC Lubricant, Jingmen Branch
  • SINOPEC Research Institutr of Petroleum Processing
  • SK
  • Tianjin ARROW Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
  • Tianjin Surenergy Chemicals
  • Tianjin Zhongfu Petrochemical Co.,Ltd
  • TOTAL Lubricants
  • Total Lubricants China
  • Xinjiang Wusu Mingyuan Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
  • Zhejiang Conibo Energy Corporation
  • Zhonghua Lubricants
  • Zibo Xintai Petrochemical.

Conference Strategic Partners

Fujian Lubricant Trade Association(FLTA) | Hubei Lubricant Trade Association | National Lubricants Union | Tianjin Oil & Grease Association | Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association (SLTA) | Shandong Lubricants Industry Association(SDLA)


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